Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the molds.
If you have other questions, please just send it to laura@qiandan.com.cn.


Our products are made of SILICONE and Stainless Steel.

1.Never bake the Bread Forms empty. This shortens the shelf-life of its non-stick roperty.

2.Do not cut bread while it is in the Bread Forms;

3.Make sure your Bread Forms are dry before packing frozen dough inside;

4.Never use scrapers or brushes of any kind to clean your forms;

5.Never dry damp Bread Forms in the oven;

6.When not in use, store Bread Forms face down on a tray or a shelf(no more than 12 maximum should be staked together);

Yes.Depandiing on the products, the number of times you use it will also vary, our products are of high quality, and the service life can reach 1-4000 times, but in the end, it depends on the maintance and care in the life.

Fill the dish wash sink with a solution of Dish Detergent and hot water(110-120°F/43-49°C);

Place Bread Forms flat into the dish wash sink. If there is baked on cheese, let the forms sit for 2-3 minutes;

Wipe Forms with sponge;

Rinse Forms with hot water(110-120°F/43-49°C) in the 2nd compartment or rinse sink;

Shake vigorously once or twice to remove excess water;

Let Bread Forms air dry;

Bread Forms must be washed, rinsed, and sanitized at least once every 24 hours, or more often if needed;

The use of any detergent or sanitizing agent other than the ones mentioned above any cause damage and shorten the life of Bread Forms.

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