Brand Story

 Decades years ago, here a man retired from his beloved military silicone industry , instead of choosing a peaceful days, he brought his passion into another career --- daily use silicone products, the first step into now business.

Weeks of careful thoughts and months of testing, finally created and design the first production line for silicone fiberglass mat , that time, the technology was only held in France , he made this kind of daily items went into public , and let more worldwide clients had more choices in business. This innovation was committed by Patent China, our fty founded the same year in 1990.

He’s the CEO of Shanghai Qiandan International Trade Co., Ltd, Mr Xiao.

The same year , here got more and more inquiries from US and Europe , quality and honest attitude attracted many clients.

Time came to year of 2007 , we built up with business with Costco, Aldi , Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel etc.

Nonstop innovation is always Qiandan’s key to developing, automatic production lines came being truth, release more labors and improves the efficiency.

With the growth, Qiandan set up agency in HK China, and US. A worldwide net is spreading, touching more clients, bringing more choices for them.

Up to now , more and more parts joined , Plastic / Aluminum / Stainless Steel / Environmental new materials.

Here in the silicone world , you , Qiandan , work together, go together, innovate together, nice to meet you.